60th Day

Our beloved, you have always glowed.

Your light shone in your actions while illuminating the darkness of our daily journey.

You were the smiling nurse of the sick.

You will always be the nightingale of your garden.

To meet and then to part is the way of life.

To part and then to meet is the hope of life.

A beautiful soul, taken away so soon.

A life that touched so many with her positivity and smile. We miss you dear. You truly were my one of a kind friend.

Condolences John, Ruth and Dan.

Dominic, Sushma, Josh & Joanne

Published by Johnno

I live in the fantastic city of Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy blogging, design, reading & photography and love to share my thoughts online with like-minded readers.

2 thoughts on “60th Day

  1. Dearest Ethel, I can’t believe two months have passed by since you left to join Our Lord & Saviour. I miss your amazing smile but am reminded of you every time I hear ‘Power of Your Love’. It always makes my heart sing to know we both loved that song.
    Much love to you in Heaven & John, Ruth & Daniel here on Earth.
    Kathy xo

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