74th Day ~ Your colourful life

A beautiful sunny day to celebrate your life
Dan & Turbo’s special moment
With Kathy, Geetha & Deepthi
Our beloved, you lived your life to the fullest
Daniel & Ruth with Kathy, Geetha, Deepthi & Rochelle
Ruth with Geetha & Deepthi

We shared a yummy picnic lunch and thoughts on our beloved Ethel.

We shared laughs too while reminiscing Ethel’s absent mindedness in managing her work roster. Quite often, she would report for the wrong shift or turn up to work on her rostered day off. Double-trouble from day two! 😁

Published by Johnno

I live in the fantastic city of Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy blogging, design, reading & photography and love to share my thoughts online with like-minded readers.

2 thoughts on “74th Day ~ Your colourful life

  1. What a beautiful day we had to share a meal & our special memories !!
    We had a good laugh over Ethel’s ability to get her roster mixed up !
    It was great to see Turbo & give him a big pat too !!


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